Over-Sized Documents

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Process: Xerographic
Input size: 36 inches wide X any reasonable length
Output size: 36 inches wide X any reasonable length


For fast and inexpensive copying of oversized Black and White documents, we recommend our DigiCOPY digital xerographic copying process. With this process we can output onto bond paper, translucent bond, vellum, as well as clear and matte film. Our digital equipment allows us to enlarge and reduce in 1% increments from 25% up to 400%.


DigiPRINT is our fast and inexpensive process for printing of oversized Black and White documents. We accept files such as pdf, tif, dwf, and cals as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. We can also print from many of the popular Graphic Programs such as InDesign, Illustrator, Corel, AutoCad, and others. Contact us and ask for our Print Shop for more information. To send us files, click on the Send us Files link anywhere on our website.


With DigiSCAN our high-speed scanning process for creating digital images of your oversized Black and White documents, we can quickly create digital files for emailing or archiving. Our enlarging and reducing capabilities allow us to enlarge or reduce the image from 25% to 400% while we are scanning the document. This is often useful if you want to reduce an oversized document for emailing and printing at a destination that does not have the capability of printing oversized documents. We can scan your documents into industry standard formats such as tif, pdf, and cals and then transfer them via internet or copy them onto CD, DVD, or USB drives. We also have the capability of creating and Bookmarking multi-page pdf files for easily locating images in a multi-page document.

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