We are construction plan specialists. We understand the need in the construction industry for timeliness, accuracy, and reproduction quality.

Along with plans, we also offer full services for copying, scanning, and printing Specification Books for your building project. We can store them on-file for you and print on-demand. We can provide Binding Services for your Specification Books using either your covers or ours. We can reproduce Specification Books from your paper copies or digital files. If you need to send us digital files, click on the Send us Files link anywhere you find it on our website for instructions.

Copying: We can take your project Specification Book and scan it to our machine for immediate output or for storing for future need for more copies. We can scan, store, and print 8 ½ x11, 8 ½ x 14, and 11” x 17” for print on demand.

Printing: Specifications come in all kinds of forms these days from Email, CD, DVD, or Electronic Planroom. We are here to help you when you need to print digital Specification Book files. We can print directly from properly formatted Microsoft Word files or Adobe pdf files.

Scanning: We can scan your Specification books and create a pdf file for archiving your projects rather than having to store the paper documents. We can also add bookmarks to designate the sections, hyperlink text in the document to link to images, other pages in the Spec book, or even websites containing specifications, and create thumbnail images of the pages. With our conversion service, we can convert scanned images into documents in a Microsoft Word format for easy editing. If needed, we can scan your Specifications and transfer them via internet or copy them onto CD, DVD, or USB drive.

Electronic Planroom: We offer an Electronic Planroom if you would like to store your drawings and specifications online for other industry professionals like subcontractors and suppliers to view and order sets of printed plans and/or download electronic versions of the plans. Click Here for more information on our Electronic Planroom.

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