America’s Planroom

Always here and always on for your convenience.


Hudson’s is a partner in America’s Planroom, an electronic version of a brick and mortar planroom-with some added features. Electronic Planrooms offer 24-hour, 365 day access to project plans and specifications. Plans and Specs can be accessed from your office, home, job site, or anywhere you have internet access.

For Contractors and Suppliers:

Our Planroom keeps you informed on projects and their bid dates. Every time a new job is posted to the Planroom, email notification goes out to all subscribers. When architects supply us with information on addendums, you also receive email notification when we post it to the Planroom. Jobs posted that are outside our geographic area provide contractors and suppliers with opportunities about which they might not otherwise know. America’s Planroom allows you the opportunity to view plan sheets and specifications before purchasing them to see if you want to bid the job.

For Architects:

Our Online Planroom allows you to post both public and private jobs. Private jobs are password protected and can only be accessed by those to whom you give passwords. We can provide you with a list of contractors and subcontractors that downloaded the plans and specs so that you can communicate directly with them if needed. Addendums posted to the Planroom are automatically sent out to the database to keep bidders informed with the latest information and making your job easier.

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