The history behind Hudson Blueprint and why quality means so much to us.

Hudson Blueprint, was started in 1959 by Cecil and Ruth Hudson as a part-time venture. As head of the Engineering department of Walker-Neer, a Wichita Falls, Texas oil and water drilling equipment manufacturing firm, Cecil had a great deal of experience in designing and building equipment for that industry. He loved design and drafting so in 1959 he formed Hudson Engineering and began performing design and drafting work for others, ranging from the creation of oil maps and equipment design to writing patent applications and creating patent drawings.

In 1966, left Walker-Neer Manufacturing and accepted a similar position with Ciba Corporation in Burkburnett, Texas where he became involved with research and development work, designing and producing machines for the manufacturing and processing of fiberglass pipe products.

While employed by Ciba, he continued his part-time business after hours. However, by this time the scope of work performed by Hudson Engineering had begun to change. This was due to the fact that Cecil became increasing frustrated with delays on delivery of supplies and repairs of equipment that he used everyday. He began stocking and selling drafting supplies and repairing equipment out of necessity to keep his department operating. As other firms learned of his ability to repair reproduction equipment their firms used in their Engineering departments he was asked to maintain and repair their equipment. They also began purchasing their equipment and supplies from him because he was able to provide quick, local service on items and repairs for which they generally had to wait for service out of Dallas or Fort Worth. He also purchased a high volume blueprint machine and began providing reproduction services for local architectural and engineering firms. Ruth took customer orders over the phone during the day, and she and their son Phil would deliver the supply orders after school. Cecil would perform equipment repairs and run print jobs after hours or on weekends. As a result of the change in the scope of work performed by Hudson Engineering, and the focus on servicing architectural and engineering firms, the name of the company was changed to Hudson Blueprint Company.

In 1975, Cecil and Ruth opened their first store in downtown Wichita Falls next to Brook Floral on the corner of Eighth and Brook. A year later, Cecil resigned from Ciba and began to operate Hudson Blueprint on a full-time basis. In 1978, Cecil was approached by some local oilmen seeking better service and asked if he would consider purchasing Wichita Blueprint, another local blueprint company that offered some services not offered by Hudson Blueprint. So in 1978 Cecil and Ruth purchased the assets of Wichita Blueprint. They combined and moved both businesses to a larger, single location in what is now the Atrium building located at the corner of 6th and Lamar in Wichita Falls. They also expanded services to include microfilming of both small documents and engineering drawings.

In 1980, Cecil designed a new building which houses Hudson Blueprint at its current location at 5th and Austin in downtown Wichita Falls. Hudson Blueprint continued to expand its offerings of services and equipment growing into the largest firm of its type between Dallas and Oklahoma City. In 1985, Hudson Blueprint became a part of what is now called the Reprographic Services Association (RSA). An association of 80+ similar firms with more than 100 locations spread across the nation offering reprographics services and supplies, allowing Hudson Blueprint to provide services to its customers not only locally, but across the nation through its network of associate members.

Hudson’s is now in its second generation of ownership by the Hudson family. With a team of dedicated employees focused on customer service, Hudson’s has been able to add products and services that reach beyond the architectural, engineering, and construction market. Services such as both indoor and outdoor color graphics and products such as office furniture have been added in recent years to complement the array of products and printing services we have offered for decades.

The management and employees of Hudson Blueprint look forward to the future and the challenges of the ever-changing business environment as your trusted source of products and services for your business and assist you as you grow and prosper.

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