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eDOCSBOX Service Announcement

Posted on the 26 June, 2012 at 11:12 pm Written by in new products


“All You can Fit” Scanning service for any type of business


We have a new service here at Hudson’s that we are calling eDOCSBOX.  It is simply explained as “All You Can Fit” Scanning.  The concept is easy.  Get an eDOCSBOX box from us, fill it with your documents, and we’ll scan everything in the box for one low price—from office documents to drawings, maps, and blueprints.

No more searching through filing cabinets.  Get rid of the paper and locate your documents quickly and have them right at your fingertips.  Paper based filing systems leave your documents susceptible to being misplaced, lost, stolen, or destroyed from fire or water damage.  Backed-up digital files provide security and faster disaster recovery.

If you’ve been putting off scanning and archiving of your documents because it just seemed to expensive and complicated, check out our economical eDOCSBOX program.

If our eDOCSBOX “All You Can Fit” scanning service won’t work for you…

For large-volume or detailed scanning work, you can learn more about our full range of scanning services by calling Hudson’s today at 940-723-0591


If you want to do it yourself, we also sell and service scanning equipment through our sister company Hudson Imaging Systems (www.hudsonimaging.com ).  You can reach Hudson Imaging Systems at the same phone number 940-723-0591.

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